The cupboard

The cupboard is done. I need to get a few more bolts, but it's just to put them in place when I get them. It's just like I wanted it to be, so I'm satisfied with it. Now I can fill it up with stuf...


So. Here are the pants I made or added some parts to. it was her design and choice of fabric. She had a pair of red pants, so it just needed some extra stuff. I think it might have been easier to j...
Paint me Black

Paint me Black

41, Re

Woman with AvPd (avoidant personality disorder), social phobia, ADHD and depression.

I'm honest and don't hide anything here but mine and others identity.

I'm a mom to two teenagers.

I have weekly individual therapy with a psychologist and I have meetings weekly with a psychiatric nurse.

My wishes is to be able to manage life without breaking apart at every little bump in the road.

I want to live, but not like this for the rest of my life. That's why I am trying to do something about it.