It's been a very long time

I'm still here if anyone wondered.

So here's a little update:

I have been doing ok enough the last year and a half.
I have been keeping myself collected if that make any sence.

A very big news is that I got a boyfriend. We'we been together 15 months now. He is good and kind. I love him and he loves me. 

My daughter has moved out. She's 20 now. She is doing really good. My son is 18. I have grown up kids. That feels weird. He isn't doing quite as good, but I think he is getting there now. I hope...

I have two cats. I "inherited" my landladys cat when she died about a year ago.


Therapy hasn't been so good. Really bad actually. But I hope I might get a bit better help soon. 
I have startet a more thorough diagnosis. I have been there one time. And I'm doing the tests all over again. It will take two, three more times to get a diagnose. Probably no different then what I already have. But they have the proper treatment for me there if I "fit in". 
It's really scary. 
I have been closed off for so long now that it's so much more scary to start up again. And my emotions are worse than ever it seems. It takes nothing to make me feel "too much". So it's hard...


Well. There you have it. An update.

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