Poor kitty

It was thunderstorm the entire night and my cat didn't come home until 6 pm today. Discovered quickly that he was injured and found a vet that was still open. Drove there straight away. Now he is doing ok. His paw it almost back to its normal size. He must have been spooked or something. He is terrified of thunder. I tried to call him in as soon as I noticed the thunder and lightning, but he didn't come. I was calling for him many times before I was so tired I just had to sleep. I was getting really worried about him, so just before 6 pm my daughter, her friend and I was going out to search for him. He showed up when we was locking the door.

I'm going to try to make him stay inside for a couple of days.

I had to use my birthday money to pay the vet. I was going to buy a freezer and a microwave oven, but my fuzzyfluff is more important.

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