Some diy

I made one of my sweaters a little less plain by sewing this pattern on. It's black fabric that I put underneath the grey one. Sewed the pattern trough both fabrics. Cut the grey fabric on the inside of the stitches and the black fabric on the outside of the stitches.

Not sure I'll be wearing it though. All clothes with pattern on the front makes my boobs seem extra large. I don't need them to look bigger than they are. ??It's nice to have some energy to do stuff again. I'm building a big closet out of 8 small cabinets. I'll take a picture and show you when I'm done.

I've made a couple of other things as well as you can see on the pictures. The tin I have just decorated with some pretty paper. And the metal board I have sewn some pretty fabric together and glued it to the board. And I made matching magnets to it.

I am also repainting some other furniture. A couple of old chairs that used to be in the kitchen when I grew up. And a small dresser, a tiny little cute dresser, that I had the clothes to my dolls in when I grew up. They are all turning turquoise. I'm going to paint the metal on the chairs as well since they are a bit rusty and not shiny anymore.

So as usual I go from doing nothing to doing everything all at once.

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