I really hate to never have enough money at all. It's tiring to live like this. Maybe I should try to use my photographies to make somethings to sell on Etsy or something. That could help a little at least. And if I just have it as a hobby I won't need to pay taxes for it. If I could make just a few hundred kroner extra each month would help. I am a graphic designer so I should be able to make something that people would like to buy.

I don't know.

Do you think anyone would be interested in buying products with pictures like this?

I have plenty of photographs to pick from. 
There are a few more her if you want to look.

Maybe I could make calendars, postcards or just plain prints...

I would sell it under my real name of course. If I am ever going to do some work as a photographer for real, I need to be able to get my name out there. I do not have much hope that this will gonna work, but if I don't try I will surely fail.

So what do you think. Should I try?


Iselin Rene

27.11.2013 kl.10:14

Fantastiske bilder :)

Paint me Black

28.11.2013 kl.18:17

Iselin Rene: Tusen takk! Koselig hre :D

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