19 november 2013... Quiet...

I'm kind of quiet here these days.

It's because I'm tired and at a loss for words.

Tomorrow I have an appointment with U again. I hope it will be better than last time from my part. I hope I can look at her and not be as anxious and uncomfortable.

Yesterday was group therapy. It went better than last time. Didn't say much as usual. I didn't know what to say and my mind went blank all the time. So it's still a bit awkward there. But I hope it will be better there as well soon. In two weeks there might be three new ones coming. That will be challenging.

I'm trying to be a bit prepared for tomorrow, but the things I have been thinking about that I wanted to talk about keep slipping my mind. So not so much on that list so far. I should go to bed within an hour, so I have to try harder.

added later:

Uhm... group therapy was today actually...

I have excellent memory!

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