2 november 2013... Better again, as long as I don't think too much

I'm actually coping quite okay. I survived the info-meeting yesterday and I think that made me enough "happy" that I'm able to relax this weekend. I have my daughter here and we are having a good time together.

I can't start thinking about the upcoming tuesday though. That makes me super anxious, so I push those thoughts away as soon as they appear.

Going to visit my parents tomorrow with my daughter. I'm not looking forward to the hours in car and taking the ferry two times tomorrow. But it will be good to see my dad again. He came home from the hospital today and my two brothers have been there today with him and mom. They have started a tradition where they take him out someplace and have dinner together. But he wasn't well enough for that today, so they bought groceries and made dinner there instead. So that's nice for him. And mom, because that meant she could be with them and not stay home alone this time. The past few weeks have been stressful for her, so she's tired and needs some good things now. I'll try my best not to get frustrated by her behavior tomorrow. Maybe she for once is calmer and let us talk as well.

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